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Anxiety is a natural human response that can happen when we "perceive" that there is a threat or danger. Anxiety can create a feeling of worry, fear or nervousness, especially when faced with stressful events and changes to our day to day lives.

Hypnosis Therapy For Anxiety



Worrying, overthinking, feeling tense or afraid about what might or might not happen ("what ifs"). Re-running events in your mind and having obsessional, intrusive and negative thoughts. 


Feeling overwhelmed in situations, a churning in your stomach, difficulty sleeping, irritable or unable to relax and fearing the worst. 


Anxiety can change the way you act, leading you to withdraw from others and stop you from enjoying your leisure activities or trying new things. You may find it difficult to look after yourself and find it hard to work.


Anxiety can manifest itself into physical panic attacks. This can make you feel and experience similar symptoms to a heart attack, including a racing heart, sweats, difficulty breathing and headache.

Forms Of Anxiety

anxiety can manifest itself in many ways

Social Anxiety also called social phobia. This essentially happens when a person feels overwhelming worry and self-consciousness about everyday social situations. The person starts to believe that others are judging them and has fears of being embarrassed or ridiculed.

Phobia is an intense fear and avoidance of an object or situation. The fear goes beyond what’s appropriate and may cause a person to avoid ordinary situations. Phobias differ from other anxiety disorders, as they relate to a specific cause. The fear may be irrational or unnecessary, but the person is unable to control the anxiety. Triggers for a phobia may be as varied as situations, animals, or everyday objects.

PTSD (Post Traumatic Stress Disorder)This is an anxiety that is a result of previous trauma such as a serious accident, sexual assault, or a physical attack. Many times PTSD leads to flashbacks, and the person may make behavioural changes to avoid those triggers.

OCD (Obsessional Compulsive Disorder) is an anxiety disorder particularly characterised by thoughts or actions that are highly repetitive.  A person with OCD may obsess about cleaning personal items, washing hands repeatedly or checking locks, cooker, or light switches constantly. 

Imagine you have a situation happening in a weeks time that makes you feel anxious.

When you overthink this situation your brain gets confused and this leads you to feeling the physical and mental effects as if the situation is happening now.

When you learn to identify these types of thoughts, you can then start to think more rationally and take control.

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Client Reviews

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clinical hypnotherapist in cirencester

Meet Lisa

I was like a lot of people, sceptical about hypnotherapy. However, a friend had experienced this therapy and said it had changed her life. So I researched a lot of options in and around Cheltenham, to find Bobby. His reviews were fantastic, so thought I had nothing to lose. I have struggled with severe anxiety for a number of years, I’ve tried CBT, medication, exercise and dietary changes, and despite these helping a little, I still didn’t feel as though I had any noticeable improvements, or the ability to confidently live life. Bobby changed my life! His enthusiasm, kindness and ability to retrain your brain in a comfortable and trusted setting was phenomenal. The whole process from start to finish was positive and uplifting, I left his sessions feeling confident, happy and ready to take on the world.

clinical hypnotherapist in cirencester

Meet Emma

I had been to a hypnotist before for anxiety but found them very unhelpful. Bobby however is brilliant! Makes you feel totally at ease from the moment you meet him. And I’m a completely different person now. He explains things in such a way that just makes sense of how your crazy brain is working. Definitely recommend to anyone that needs to change their way of thinking for whatever reason. 

clinical hypnotherapist in cirencester

Meet Sam

I have suffered with derpression anxiety and trauma all my life, i have been under the mental health team for most of it and pumped full of all sorts of damaging chemicals!!!! my daughter took me to see bobby in desperation … He HAS CHANGED MY LIFE i do not have the words to describe the difference. i AM enjoying life FINALLY the gratitude i,we feel is overwhelming everyone can see the difference and i CAN FEEL IT!!!.Don't hesitate don't wait it will be the best time and money you may ever spend. Go for it get yourself and your life back. A very very happy Sam x

clinical hypnotherapist in cirencester

Meet Sarah

Hi If your reading this review you are obviously considering Hypnotherapy.
I would 100% recommend Bobbie.
I was a negative, anxious person and my life was spiraling out of control.
A Friend at work suggested seeing Bobbie for Hypnotherapy. I wasn't sure at first but then someone else suggested Bobbie so i got in touch with him because i needed to change my way of thinking. He is a very kind, caring and approachable man who i instantly felt at ease with.
He has equipped me with the tools to enable me to overcome my negativeness and my life has been turned to a very positive one. I get up everyday and feel great and look forward to the day. I cant thank Bobbie enough for showing me how to turn my life around and be the person I want to be.

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